Wednesday, 19 October 2011

♥ Today ♥

Pssssssssssssssssssttttt !
See any changes at my blog ? I know your not blind right? LOL joke.
Btw, Yess I change I mean my girl EJ and I change my blogskin , edit my intro and I guess u know the others.
So far so good the process gets.

Today I feel tired and bored.
1st: Tired
Because I join some activities at school and help my teacher also.
Because nothing to do!
Maybe the cure is LOL alone and dont care if its funny or not.
HAHA I think im a bit crazy dontcha?

Well, continue doing something bored or just I watch tv is much better. Hellyeahh. Lateeeeer !

Friday, 7 October 2011


 yes,i know lama x update :\
its just aq mlas betul mw update . But here i am! Yepiii :D

Huh.. just two more days habis sudah suffering ni.
Harap-haraplah keluar results with flying colours. weoweeowee~

Nah..lepas nie aku mw baca buku jak especially dear dumb diary, dork diaries.
And many moreeeeeeeeeeee sampai puas hati ini . Ngee
Btw upcoming cuti nie aku mau rehat, hang out with girlfriends ku makan cake casablanca smpai pecah stomach ku ( euww disgusting pulak :/ )

Mhmm apa lagi ya? Oh ya!
Aku mau shopping, jalan-jalan, spend timewith family, eh bnyak lagi la! 
Panjang jugak cuti so thats mean more time bebeyhh wooohuuyeehaa.
 Itu jak la bchus buntu sudah mau kata papa.
 kae la babai friends! ♥ 

                                                                                                                                                                            p.s/ im sexy and i know it

Saturday, 30 July 2011


♥ Hey guys , u know what?
Waduh aduhai~ Susahnya test tadi btw F.Y.I test sunday class not school .Susah tahap monyet. 

But on the other side kami meniru jugak =.=' wtf! Bongok kan? 
Elysa la terutamanya. 
Aq ada la jga ask something kat yeintapi aq menjawab dengan ikhlas ohkey.
Goodnews dapat juga lah kami answer but ehhh wait but not all :( 

Ada 25 jak soalannya tapi memeras tu otak memikir .

Haiya ini pengajaran lah ni bagi kami(moralvalue) lain kali belajar or ulang kaji. 

Hmm apa lagi ya?

Argk.. bored oh rasa mau tidur jak. Tapi CANNOT! because ada cubaan lagi iaitu mau ulangkaji untuk Excel at school. Oke la smpai sni jak la. Btw, wish me goodluck ya ;)

 Smell you later! 



 Today me and Elysa went to J'Ree hair saloon cos she wants to cut her bangs and steamed up her hair make it more glossy and smoother cos her's is flacky and have many split ends(oops) ♥ A girl cant have that much off split ends right?? ♥ We also went to Guardian to buy some of her face products ♥ After that, we went home and wash her father's car ♥ While the neighbors barbequed, we're busy washing car ♥ And now im watching Shane Dawson funny vids! ♥ Smell you later! ♥ 


Friday, 29 July 2011


♥ im feeling great! eventhough its raining..♥ Wanna know why?? b'cause i've got to hang out with the four of my bestfriends ♥ We started throwing coconuts at the basketball HOOP!  many people saw us.. and you can tell they think that we're crazy by looking at their faces >< can you imagine it?? (shame) ♥ We continue with 'draw it' the court with RED spray..weoweowee! ♥ In addition to that we finish our 'routine' as you call it..just by crazy and sillyly taking lots of photos ♥ It's been a tired day girls ♥ Nite!


CRAZY FIGHT (blueeekkkk)


            Sampai situ jak ya~